Transfer Files Ownership

Now with Google Drive™ cross-domain file transfer:
you are free in your movements.

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Transfer or copy your Google Drive™ files between accounts in different Google Workspace™ domains and/or free accounts, migrate files to another Google Drive™ account, also create file lists, copy folder structures without files or with shortcuts to files. Files retain ID and version history after migration. Folders are created and have a new ID. All permissions are reset and inherited from the target folder.

Processing large volumes (more than 5,000 files) can take hours due to performance degradation by your storage provider and recover some time after the operation completes. The copy operation may take even longer than the transfer.

Please note:

  1. To transfer ownership between users in the same domain, it is hardly worth using this application. Better contact your domain administrator for a free transfer.

  2. To transfer ownership between users of free accounts like, you might use the Google Drive™ web interface folder by folder.

Even these users can benefit from the free features

- creating a list of files and folders,

- creating a hierarchical folder structure without files,

- creating a hierarchical folder structure with shortcuts to original files.


A subscription with credits by the number of files is required to transfer or copy. Check this add-on subscription for this webapp in Credits in the upper right corner of the application window:

To perform a copy or transfer operation, the sender or recipient of the files must have a valid subscription with the required number of credits equal to the number of files.