Formulize It

Formulize It Add-on

This formula builder for Google Sheets is a tool designed to help you build cell formulas. It can be especially useful if you don’t like typing, but prefer using the mouse. Formulize It add-on for Google Sheets is free for users! See our Privacy Policy.

Install Formulize It add-on and find it under menu Add-ons - Formulize It.

Click menu Add-ons - Formulize It - Insert formula to insert any available formula:

For any cell or range pick-up click the grid icon, select the range and press Submit. 

After completing required (not enclosed in brackets) parameters press Insert

Limitation: Functions with simple parameters only (like spreadsheet ranges, named ranges and values) will be calculated to Insert result instead of formula.

For advanced users:

Named ranges defined by you are available with parameter autocomplete:

For developers:

Formulize It may be embedded into your Google Sheet add-on delivering custom functions. See an example in the Maps for Sheets add-on menu Insert.

Please refer to the following link for more details on the Formulize It library using in your add-on.