Form Uploads Manager

Form Uploads Add-on

Stop manually uploading files to Google Drive™, sorting, renaming and adding individual tags / descriptions! Configure Google Form™ add-on once to upload files and images, then each new item will be

- uploaded to the correct folder;

- appropriately renamed;

- an individual description will be added, with tags for quick search;

- items can be shared with the uploader or others from the defined list;

- a list of all uploaded items with an URL for quick access can be sent by email.

Upload subfolders, item name and description may contain placeholders defined in form fields.

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Click Add-ons icon

Choose a Form Uploads Manager add-on from the list

Click Settings

Turn on Add-on actions

Select common settings for all uploads fields or individual for every field:

Click All Uploads

(for Common settings)
or upload field (for individual settings).

Pick a custom root folder for uploads

or revert to the original settings

Click the plus button to add a custom subfolder

Click the input field to select the placeholder(s) from the list

or/and type-in subfolder name.

Click the cross button to delete a custom subfolder

To rename uploaded file click Rename uploads

Click the input field to select placeholder(s) from the list or/and type-in a name for the upload.

To define a description of the uploaded item click Add a description

Click the input field to select placeholder(s) from the list or/and type it in.
The Description field is very important because it allows users to find an item using the specified keywords. And it might work even better than a hierarchical folder structure for organizing uploads and then searching for them.

To share uploaded items click Share uploads with

Select Responder to share the upload with form respondent

Select the desired access.
Select Others and enter the mailing list

to share the upload with somebody else.

In the last section, define the recipients of the email with links to the uploaded files

Click Save to save changes or Renew to revert to initial settings

Placeholders list

Your form fields are on the top of the list.

For example, if your form contains a Subfolder field, then the value entered by the user or selected from the list will be substituted for the ${Subfolder} parameter.

Service placeholders:

${YEAR} 2021

${MONTH} 12

${DATE} 31

${FULLDATE} 2021-12-31

${DAY} 5 (i.e. Friday)

${TIME} 23:59:59

${TIMESTAMP} 2021-12-31T23:59:59

Form placeholders:

${RESPONDENT} respondent’s email (if available)

${FORM.TITLE} your form title

${OWNER} your form owner’s email

${EFFECTIVE_USER} effective user’s email

Placeholder related to single upload:

${UPLOAD.NAME} uploaded filename

${UPLOAD.DESCRIPTION} uploaded description (if available or defined)

${UPLOAD.ID} uploaded file ID on Google Drive

${UPLOAD.URL} uploaded file URL

Uploads list placeholder:

${UPLOADS} uploads list in predefined format

${UPLOADS.LEN} the number of uploaded items.


To check your subscription status

Click Add-ons icon

Choose a Form Uploads Manager add-on from the list

Click Subscription

To purchase subscriptions

Click button Add

Select the option you need

Check your email

Press button and complete purchase.

Processing a purchase request by payment provider and issuing a subscription may take some time.