Access Request Form

Access Request Form Add-on

Want to share selected Google Drive documents or folders on demand via a Google Form and collect requesters contact details?

Try our Access Request add-on for Google Forms today! See our Privacy Policy.

Use this link to duplicate a form template with turned on Access Request add-on


create your own form to collect contacts information and install Access Request add-on.

Collecting email addresses must be turned on in your form


Now you can send your form for people to fill out


To check your subscription status

To purchase subscriptions: 

Processing a purchase request by payment provider and issuing a subscription may take some time.

Duplicate Form

То share another file or folder just duplicate your current form and set it up

New form will contain all scripts and turned on add-ons. To prevent scripts from distributing you can delete them in the original form before duplication of it. You can also turn off those add-ons that will not be needed in the copy of the form.

To setup your new form for sharing another file or folder repeat the section Settings.